S eeing into someone else’s mind is an amazing thing.  How do they think?  What will their characters do?  Who will succeed and who will surprise us? Will we root for the hero or heroine or will we applaud vengeance?  Will we be bored or absorbed?  Will we recommend the book to our friends or call it a stinker?  Books bring incredible insights, new ideas, thought provoking controversies, romps through foreign lands and the chance to escape into a world where people can do magic, miracles can happen and only the good guy wins.

F or an author, finding your voice and broadcasting it to the world through your book is enormously rewarding, frightening, disconcerting and a journey that requires fortitude, discipline and creativity.  For some, it will be bringing forth their talent; for others, it is something that they just know they have to do.  Skinny Leopard Media was created to enable everyone and anyone to find their voice and creative outlet, put it into words and unleash it to the marketplace!
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