The Basics on Being an Author

gNo matter where you publish, you must create a plan to promote your book! Just because you have a wonderful manuscript, doesn’t mean the world will be able to find it.  With social media and all the bloggers, websites and reviewers available today, you don’t have an excuse not to, however, it can seem overwhelming deciding where to begin. For the basics you must:

  1. Have a website. There are many ways to create your website with lots of free platforms but you should check out whether those free websites will be found by search engines such as Google. If not, pay someone who knows what they are doing to create a website that has information about you as an author, a page about the book, and your social media contact information (at a minimum).
  1. Get on social media (Twitter recommended) and post consistently. It should be engaging content about all sorts of things including your book, but also can be about you, your hobbies and other subjects near and dear to you such as dogs, kids or charities, etc. Make sure to grow your followers so you expand your reach.
  1. Get some reviews for your book. It can be difficult to get your friends to give your book reviews even when they make a promise. Keep trying to get new ones and look to the Internet to find bloggers and people who like to review books.


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